2017 – Part 1

Today I actually got an email from someone who visited my page. It actually reminded me that I made this a long time ago before a whole bunch of things happened in my life. I originally made this site so I could write down my thoughts and just have them out there. When I first made this site I had actually uploaded some journal passages. While journaling is great and I highly recommend it. I want this site to serve more of a reflection of things gone by for my personal life and a commentary on things currently happening around me. So to get this page all caught up, over the next month I will be writing blog posts reflecting on the past three years.

So let’s jump cut to 2017 right after I published the about post. It was March I was just finishing up another semester of schooling. At the time I had been hanging out with a group of friends I had meet at church that had gotten to be pretty close friends. We chatted all the time, we spent a lot of time together (specifically playing board games). It was a very tight knit group. People in the group knew I liked Samantha and I told them that I want to wait till the semester was done.

Fast Forward to the end of the semester the group was hanging out and I decided there was no time like the present. So I asked samantha out. We went mini-golfing on our first date and hit things off okay. A little side note this was essentially my first attempt at dating.

To best explain 2017 I need to introduce Matthew and Kayla. Matthew and Kayla were in the group and had started dating earlier in the year. Both of them were slightly awkward people and very quiet so it was hard to get a read on where the relationship was at.

Back to the timeline. About a half month into samantha and I dating I got a late night message from Matthew to the boys of the group letting us know that him and kayla were no longer dating. About this time Samantha started to get quiet and distant in the relationship. (i.e. take a long time to reply to messages and avoid making plans. I should have just confronted her about this but I let it go on for a few weeks. Until we made plans to go for breakfast one saturday morning. Essentially everything was there in black and white if not a very close shade of grey. We went for breakfast and on the way back she broke up with me. Since I had foreseen this happening I was able to hold my feelings in. But the lead up to it was all I had thought about for the past week. (This is a note to remember when we get to 2019).

It took me the weekend to get over it but after that and a speeding ticket the following Monday I was mostly back to my normal self. This is when things started to go astray in my friend group. Things were awkward between Samantha and I from then on. Weirdly Matthew and Kayla had made the transition from dating to being friends look simple or what I thought looked simple. This is when Mathew, Kayla and I started hanging out. The three of us to play board games and stuff. We still hung out with the rest of the group but it was at a reduced rate then earlier in the year.

To be continued…

*The names in this entry were changed for privacy.


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