Late Night Thoughts

So the other day when I had friends other to watch the game I may have said that S and I went on a Date. Immediate after saying it I thought, damit am I allowed to say that? And after thinking about it for a long time it’s dwelling in my brain. And then tonight C says “S might not of been okay with you dropping the dating word”. So now I have all of these thoughts running through my brain. Have I messed this up? Am I trying to move this too fast? What is a reasonable pace for this relationship? Now S is not an easy person to read. She likes to keep her cards close to her chest and I’m getting overly confused. I like S a lot (probably more then I should for a person I’ve gone on two dates with) and I don’t want to mess this up at all. To me she is beautiful and I enjoy just being close to her. I was going to write a separate journal post about her asking me to her family BBQ but I’ll just include it here. So S texted me saying would you like to go to my sisters and brother in laws for a BBQ? I spent some time thinking about how to properly reply. “Yes” would be too eager and “Sure” doesn’t sound committed enough, so I went with “That sounds fun.” So I thought this was her inviting me to a family event so it gave me a sign that things were moving along well but then latter tonight I learned that H is coming along aswell so I’m confused now. Am I being invited since I’m apart of the group friendship? Or was I invited because of the friendship between S and I? I have all these questions that I don’t know what the answer is to them so I’m confused and that how things are going. 

I’ll check in later.


The Movie Date

So it’s Monday May 9 and she text’s “If I leave my house at 6 do you think that will be enough time to get to the movie?” I reply “Yes, that should be plenty.”. The lead up to this date is less nervous than the previous, I feel calm and collected. We’re going to go see Guardians of the Galaxy, vol. 2. I got tickets to the VIP theater, this is all lining up perfectly. Continue reading

The First Date

This is my recap of how the first date with S went. So I started the day excited but also nervous, I hadn’t been on a true date ever and I think the added fact of already being friends added a little pressure. So needless to say I was a little nervous about how it would go. So I’m a shy person when its one on one. Anyways (Remember free flow journaling these stories will jump around a little bit) I get through the day, leave work and get to the freeway and its backed up for kilometers. Continue reading

Would you like to go mini golfing sometime?

So most of the stories I write will be from my journal that i’m practicing writing in cursive in and just letting the thoughts and emotions flow, so a lot of these posts might jump around a lot.

Z: Would you like to go mini-golfing sometime?

S: yes.

That’s how asking out someone who I had wanted to ask out for the longest time went. She will be further known as S on this website.
To be honest it actually started two months earlier with a text message. Continue reading

My Friend Group

So before I get to far into the details about my life, I’ve decided I should tell you about my friend group because most of my stories involve them. So here we go.

My friend group originated from a church young adults group that was the core of the group. Continue reading


Hi i’m Z.

I’m a Canadian boy whose grown up in Edmonton, Alberta. I¬†currently attend school for Mechanical Engineering. I grew up in a christen home and attend church regularly. I enjoy sports, technology, the occasional political discussion, cooking, board games and most importantly hanging out with friends. Continue reading